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Zoom city modern mailbox vsons design
Zoom city modern mailbox vsons design
Zoom city modern mailbox vsons design
Zoom city modern mailbox vsons design
Zoom city modern mailbox vsons design
Zoom City S - modern stainless steel  mailbox

City S - modern stainless steel mailbox


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Description and informations
City Wall Mounted Modern MailBox

Our mailbox City S, wall mounted, all stainless steel!

All our mailboxes are designed and made in North America, and we only use premium American stainless steel.

The City S wall-mounted mailbox is extremely versatile for a unique slim look. Offered in brushed stainless steel, its laser-engraved lettering (for numbers and texts) is available in black only.

All of Vsons design’s timeless mailboxes are made with expert craftsmanship and durability to last a lifetime.

Additional information
Weight Stainless steel Model: 5 Lbs
Dimensions 7.125"w × 14"h × 3.5"d
Material Stainless steel 304 18 GA
Installation Mounting Holes 

Not included, please use mounting hardware adapted to your wall or sidings.

Model 714S
Usually Ships 1-3 Business Days

This mailbox is designed to be a wall-mounted mailbox. If you are exposed to elements, the mounting holes prevent the mailbox from being fully waterproof; so, we recommend purchasing our sealing kit (a link will appear when you add your mailbox to your cart). The sealing kit will cover the mounting holes with a special rubber washer (3X) and we will add a sealing gasket in the back of the mailbox to seal it with the lid.

*****This model is not compatible with our fence bracket.

  • Will the stainless steel eventually rust?
    Technically no, stainless steel can't rust by itself like raw steel, but... If you live by the ocean or are exposed to salt water or de-icing salt, make sure to choose the appropriate mailbox; stainless steel 304 and 316L can easily be contaminated and rust (spots) can appear in saltwater or de-icing salt conditions. Contamination usually comes from raw steel dust or salt (including de-icing salt). If it even happens to you, let us know, we can sell you a stainless steel restorer. We won’t guarantee premature rust on stainless steel in a saltwater area or because of de-icing salt. Stainless steel can’t rust by itself. Salt water is in the air (dew, mist, etc) more than rain and de-icing salt is from the street.
    The best mailbox for all weather that can't rust is our aluminum powder coated mailboxes. Aluminum can't rust!


We ship only with UPS. Standard shipping is usually 3-7 business days. If you need expedited shipping, let us know!

Once ready, we will send you the confirmation that it is shipped with the tracking numbers. If you purchased a post with your post mounted mailbox or purchased several mailboxes, it will be separate boxes,1 tracking numbers per box, but you will receive only one UPS tracking numbers; if you want to see other tracking go on the UPS website.

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